Transmídia Storytelling:
It is the art of storytelling through different medias, with different narratives, aimed at different audiences: films, teasers, animations, websites, games, a series of products that deepen the story, tying all media in a campaign to boost the communication.
All this works fine whenever there is a good story behind.

Who will tell the story?
Before presenting your product, your company and yourself through a narrative, it is important to choose well who will tell the story.
A journalist is first and foremost someone who is specialized in storytelling, due to his training focused on the narrative of facts, the exercise of synthesis and wit.

The company
We tell stories of people and businesses through films, documentaries, teasers, games and websites, in partnership with a team of cameramen, filmmakers, journalists, writers, film editors, developers of games and websites, who we gather tailored to each work’s demand of Sol films, artistic and film producer registered in Ancine (National Cinema Agency), based in São Paulo.

Who we are
After graduated as a journalist, Silvana Nuti spent four years in Europe, where, among other jobs, she collaborated as a writer for documentaries on Italian television. Back in Brazil, she produced a documentary with TV Glob crew and the sociologist Marielys Bueno, telling the story of the 60 years of the sugar mill  Santa Elisa, one of the largest in the country in the 1990s, and its founder, the visionary entrepreneur Maurílio Biagi, one of the implementers of Proálcool program. In New York, she honed in the art of screenwriting at The New School.

Specialized in mass communication, journalist and lawyer graduated from USP (University of São Paulo), Kiyomori Mori served as a correspondent for Folha de S. Paulo in Iraq during the war in the Persian Gulf. In 2006, he participated in the founding of Redalgo, an educational games producer, and developed the marketing department of the company. He is a founding partner of Sol Filmes.


In the last five years, Silvana Nuti has created cinepoems and directed short films, including a documentary about Usina Santa Elisa, in Sertãozinho (SP). Blind Date and Elevate are two independent short films, that talk about innocence, trust and higher grounds inside. The Heart's Language is a documentary, focused in the refugees living  in São Paulo, Brazil. The film was exhibited at the International Film Festival about Migration and Refuge, Cine MigrArte, in Brasília, and at MIS (Sound and Image Museam) and at the Academic Center Maria Antonia USP, in São Paulo, June (2016).