The art of telling stories...
or storytelling

The act of telling a story is a prehistoric exercise that originates with the cave paintings, around 40,000 BC, when man already felt the need to express himself.

Even today, the expression of the image through a narrative, whether written or visual, is what triggers the emotion. The art of storytelling is the essence of communication.

What is it used for?

It is useful to spread ideas, sell a product, brand uplift, to conceptualize an image, valuing people and businesses.
A well-told story usually motivates, enchants, excites, stimulates and increases  sales revenue, when that is the goal. The first major advertising insight for selling a product through a story occurred in the movies in 1896, when the Lumière brothers introduced a brand of soap in the film “Washing Day”, in exchange for a large sum of money, so product placement was born.