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The Heart's Language
São Paulo state leads the ranking of asylum seekers in Brazil. Since 2015, Syria has held the top position for most asylum seekers in São Paulo followed by Angola, Niger, and Congo. But why do they come here? The refugees arrive in Brazil as the country faces one of its worst political and economic crises. Some reasons cross many borders They are beyond words. The film is a portrait of the refugees' new life in Brazil, while the country itself is going through a transformation process.
  Script creation and documentary production
Scientific journalism  

M Bio from Nivaldo Vitorino on Vimeo.

  Usina Santa Elisa: 60 years   Interactive Museum of Biodiversity  
The film records the history of 60 years of Santa Elisa, the sugar and alcohol mill located in Sertãozinho, the countryside of São Paulo, and its founders, the visionary entrepreneur Maurilio Biagi, one of the implementers of the National Alcohol Program (Proálcool).
In 2012, Silvana Nuti elaborated the narrative of the entire history of the Earth, from the Big Bang to the present day, as a text content to the Interactive Museum of Biodiversity, in Campo Grande (MS), an integral part of the Aquarium of the Pantanal, which will be the largest freshwater aquarium in the world. The museum will be a mechanism for scientific communication and environmental education, motivating a reflection of the way it lives, how long and how life was developed in the environment according to contemporary science, encouraging environmental preservation.
  Scriptwriting and games production   Concept and content creation for sites  
"Operation Cosmos" is an innovative educational game aimed at elementary school students, which received the Nave Oi Futuro award for best Brazilian educational game in 2008. As founding partners of Redalgo, Silvana Nuti and Kiyomori Mori were involved in the creation and production of the game.
The creation of the site content Respect the bike, to the Municipality of São Paulo. The site provides information on bike paths, bike lanes, bike routes and information on urban mobility.